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Negar Tarabar Atlas

Leading in shipping industry

Negar Logistic Company

Negar Rial Iranian Co.

Management of this company with long his

Negar Tarabar Atlass

Negar Tarabar Atlas Int’l Transpor

 Международная транспортная компания

International Shipping

Negar Tarabar Atlas International Transportation Company is ready to provide air, road, sea, rail, combined transportation, export and import affairs, transit, customs, packaging, supply of all kinds of goods (LPG, diesel, petrochemicals, bitumen, rebar, profile, cement, sulfur, urea fertilizer, grain and animal feed). Negar Tarabar Atlas International Transport Company has been recognized as one of the best successful transport companies in the world by combining different parts of transport services. Negar Tarabar Atlas International Transport Company is able to transport charter party, bulk goods, small cargo and groupage by truck, rail, ship and air to the countries of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, Caucasus Republics, Europe, etc.

 железнодорожный транспорт

Railway Transportation

Rail transportation means the movement of cargo from the origin to the destination through the railway network and through transit and international corridors. (Corridor is an international network consisting of road, rail and sea transport routes and in line with the development of mixed (multimodal) transport, economic prosperity, transit, international trade, increasing cargo security, exchange of goods between countries and creating the path between them.) This method of transportation is specific to carrying cargo and passengers cannot travel in this way. In rail transport, wagons are assembled behind a locomotive and move towards the final destination.


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    First quartal 2015 revenue report released

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    First quartal 2015 revenue report released..

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